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What’s so great about pole buildings?

What’s so great about pole buildings?

We think pole buildings are pretty great.

Obviously. Since we are Pole Barns Direct, afterall.

But, if you’ve done any searching online on the subject, you’ve seen that we’re not the only ones. Post frame construction has exploded over the last few years. Google “pole buildings” and you’ll get over 95 million results in 0.35 seconds. (Go ahead, try it.)

And don’t even get us started on Pinterest. (Can we say “barndominium?”)

So what’s all the hoopla about anyway? Why are pole buildings becoming so popular?

We’re so glad you asked! Here’s our top four reasons you should consider post frame construction for your next building:

1. Pole buildings are a smart buy.

By design, post frame construction requires less building material than other construction methods. Pole buildings usually feature posts spaced every 8-12 feet, vs. standard framing with studs every 16-24 inches. Pole barns also don’t require a continuous (read: costly) foundation of block or concrete. Instead, each individual post is set in the ground on its own foundation, typically a specially engineered post footer pad (nicknamed a “cookie”) or concrete poured in the bottom of each post hole.

Post frame construction is also faster than conventional construction methods. Expert crews (like the ones here at PBD!) can have a standard building framed with trusses set in just 2-3 days, depending on the size and complexity of the building. This saves time and money in labor costs.


With all the advances in the post frame industry over the last 20 years, the pole buildings of today are a far cry from the old machinery shed out back on grandpa’s farm. Today, post frame construction is used for all sorts of buildings – from small garages to commercial shops, fire stations, churches, equestrian complexes, homes and everything in between.

When it comes to pole building options , the sky is virtually the limit. Porches, dormers, multiple wings, decorative windows and doors, and much, much more can all be used in post frame construction.

Plus, the post system used in pole buildings allows for fewer load-bearing walls and vast clear-span openings, which is helpful if you want an open floor plan. Overall, pole buildings offer a fantastic amount of versatility in exterior and interior finishing.

3. Pole buildings are designed to last.

When compared to other types of wood-frame structures, it’s pole buildings for the win against all kinds of severe weather, including wind, snow and earthquakes. This is partly because of the way the posts are set deep in the ground. The force of nature (for example, high winds or an earthquake) is transferred into the earth itself, making post frame buildings extremely stable.

The trusses are also engineered to bear specific amounts of snow and wind, depending on what’s required in your area. (And if a company you’re considering doesn’t design them that way, run fast and far…and come talk to Pole Barns Direct!) If you’re into the technical details, you can read a more in-depth article here.


4. Pole buildings 💚 the environment.

Post frame buildings are environmentally friendly in several ways. First, because there is no continuous foundation to install, pole buildings require minimal disturbance of the soil at the building site.

Second, the post-based framing system creates large spaces in the wall cavity that allow for more insulation. This makes pole buildings more efficient (cheaper!) to heat and cool than other types of buildings.

Finally, as we already mentioned, post frame buildings use far fewer materials overall than other construction methods. Plus, because the materials are typically custom cut for your specific building, there is very little waste.

So, let’s recap in case you were skimming (it’s okay, we do it too).

Pole buildings are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Enviro-friendly

What’s not to love, right? Contact us today to start designing your building!

(And if you’re not convinced yet, still contact us – we’d love to answer your questions.)

Looking to Finance?

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Financing Options

Pole Barns Direct recommends these financing options:
  1. A local bank that you already have a relationship with.
  2. For rural and agricultural customers, Farm Credit Mid America has several options for financing on building projects. Use their branch locator to find the office closest to you.
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  3. Construction financing through Acorn Finance (below).

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