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6 Questions you MUST ask when considering a pole building quote

6 Questions you MUST ask when considering a pole building quote

Not all project quotes are created equal.

We’ve been there – you request a price for a particular item or project and receive your estimate. You’re excited to see that the price is better than you expected, so you move forward with your purchase…only to find out too late that what you bought isn’t quite what you thought you were buying. Talk about frustrating.

Here at Pole Barns Direct, we know what a big investment a pole building is, and we want you to be a smart shopper. That’s why we’ve created this handy list of questions to guide you in comparing quotes for your pole barn project:

1. Will the building meet your local building code?

This is a big one. (See this post on the ONE thing you should do before you design your pole building.) If the building isn’t designed to meet your local building code, you may not be able to build it at all, or you may be looking at some serious up-charges to get a design that does meet code. And if the builder doesn’t talk to you about any of this, that alone should be a huge red flag.

2. Are the trusses right for your building?

Another big one. Having the wrong trusses can compromise the whole structure of your pole barn. You’ll want to be sure the trusses are spaced properly for their loading (typically 4’ on center, or 2’ on center in some cases), and designed for your area’s snow load. If you plan to do a finished interior in your pole building, you’ll also need to make sure that the bottom chord is loaded properly to hold the weight of whatever ceiling material you plan to use. This is something you need to consider before construction, even if you think you might finish the interior one day.

3. Does the quote include vapor barrier?

Do you want it to rain inside your building? If the answer is no (duh!), then you need to make sure your building quote includes vapor barrier under the roof metal to deal with condensation. Some companies consider vapor barrier an upgrade, so beware. Also, if you plan to insulate the walls of your building, you’ll also need to think about some kind of vapor barrier on the wall metal (ex. house wrap).

4. Does the quote include a warranty?

If it does, how long does it last? What does it include? Even the best post frame builders are still human – mistakes can happen and materials can be defective. Make sure the company is willing to stand behind their work. And if they’re not, you might want to ask yourself why.

5. Does the quote include in-person, on-site consultation meetings?

Every building site is different, and the company you choose should be willing to come to your site before you sign on the dotted line, to make sure the garage or barn you want will work on your location. They should be knowledgeable about the grading needed, and be able to talk to you about building orientation and elevation, and even give guidance about access and water control around your building.

6. Does the company’s reputation speak for itself?

How long have they been in business? How many post frame buildings have they built? Do they have customer testimonials you can read or watch? What is their standing with the Better Business Bureau? Can they show you previous projects they’ve done, or let you speak with a previous customer?

(In case you’re wondering, our answers to the above are: 14 years; over 2,200 buildings; yes – check them out here and here; A+ rating with the BBB; yes and yes.)

Comparing pole building quotes can be daunting. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. And don’t sign on the dotted line until you get the answers you want.

Want some guidance understanding quotes for your pole building?

Contact us, we’ll be happy to help you get the building peace of mind you deserve.

Looking to Finance?

Special Financing May Be Available For Your Project.

Financing Options

Pole Barns Direct recommends these financing options:
  1. A local bank that you already have a relationship with.
  2. For rural and agricultural customers, Farm Credit Mid America has several options for financing on building projects. Use their branch locator to find the office closest to you.
    Visit Farm Credit Mid America Website
  3. Construction financing through Acorn Finance (below).

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