Attics & Lofts

Attics & Lofts

If you would like to have a second floor in your pole building, there are 3 main options:

Attic trusses

  • Standard peaked roof profile
  • Upstairs room spans the full length of the building
  • Clear-span space on the ground level
  • Sloped ceiling in upstairs room because of the peaked trusses

Gambrel Trusses

  • Multi-pitched roof profile, often call a “barn roof”
  • Upstairs room spans the full length of the building
  • Trusses create a square room with a flat ceiling
  • Preserves clear-span space on the ground level

Loft or Mezzanine

  • Typically requires 14’ minimum sidewall height
  • Only spans part of the building
  • Typically requires additional posts for support, which interrupts the clear-span space on the ground level

Note: Some areas may have specific code requirements for buildings with a second floor. We always recommend you talk with your local zoning and building departments to find out exactly what is required in your area.

If you don’t need an actual second floor, but just need an extra crawl space for light storage (Christmas decorations, etc), spread-web trusses might be a good option for you. Talk to an estimator to learn more.

Expert Guidance & Local Installation

A quality post frame structure from Pole Barns Direct is within reach! Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from your initial quote and getting your custom design just right, to completing the construction of your dream pole barn.

If you’re in our service area, our team will even install your pole barn to streamline the process and ensure a quality and durable final structure.

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Sizing Options & Pricing Estimates

Whether you’re looking to put up a small building to store your vehicle or equipment, or you need a large barn for machinery or livestock housing, Pole Barns Direct offers agricultural, commercial, garage/storage, and equestrian custom structures at every size, designed with a variety of features to meet your specific needs.

Prices posted on this website are approximate base pricing and subject to change at any time. Some options are not available to all locations.

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Looking to Finance?

Special Financing May Be Available For Your Project.

Financing Options

Pole Barns Direct recommends these financing options:
  1. A local bank that you already have a relationship with.
  2. For rural and agricultural customers, Farm Credit Mid America has several options for financing on building projects. Use their branch locator to find the office closest to you.
    Visit Farm Credit Mid America Website
  3. Construction financing through Acorn Finance (below).

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