Agricultural Pole Barns

Custom Agricultural Pole Buildings & Barns in Ohio & Pennsylvania

Pole barns, sometimes referred to as "pull barns", "post frame buildings", "storage barns", or "barn garages", are often delivered in kits. Instead of manufacturing pre-built kits, Pole Barns Direct custom builds high quality pole barn structures to provide a durable and cost-effective solution for all of your commercial, farming, and agricultural needs. Many unique options available for roofing and siding colors, doors, windows, attic trusses, cupolas, and much more!

  • Pole Buildings for Livestock Housing
  • Pole Buildings for Hay Storage
  • Pole Buildings for Equipment & Machinery Storage
  • Pole Buildings for Run-In Sheds
  • Pole Buildings for Garages
  • Pole Buildings for Loafing Barns

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Agricultural Pole Building
Small Size Agricultural Pole Building

Small Pole Barns

Example Size: 28' x 32' x 12'

Small pole barns are great for small-scale hay storage and serve as the perfect garages for storing equipment or extra vehicles.

Starting price includes: (2) 12×12 sliding doors, (1) man door

Example Pricing:

Starting at:
$19,000 - $21,000 (materials & installation)

Subject to change at any time. Some options not available to all locations.

More Examples of Small Pole Buildings
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Livestock Housing Pole Barn

24' x 32' x 10'
Livestock Housing
Gray & Charcoal

Gambrel Storage Pole Barn

24' x 32' x 12'
Gambrel Storage
Stone & Antique Bronze

Storage & Livestock Pole Barn

32' x 40' x 14'
Storage & Livestock
Clay & Brown

Livestock Housing Pole Barn

32' x 48' x 11'
Livestock Housing
Green & Stone

Medium Pole Barns

Example Size: 40' x 64' x 12'

Medium pole barns can suit a multitude of agriculture or farming needs, from livestock housing to tractor and machinery storage.

Starting price includes: (2) 16×12 sliding doors, (1) man door, clear panel

Example Pricing:

Starting at:
$39,000 - $42,000 (materials & installation)

Subject to change at any time. Some options not available to all locations.
Medium Size Agricultural Pole Building

More Examples of Medium Pole Buildings
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Equipment Storage Pole Barn

40' x 72' x 12'
Equipment Storage
Clay & Red

Livestock Housin Pole Barng

40' x 72' x 14'
Livestock Housing
Stone & Charcoal

Machinery Barn Pole Barn

40' x 80' x 14'
Machinery Barn
Clay & Green

Hay Storage Pole Barn

48' x 72' x 14'
Hay Storage
Red & White

Large Size Agricultural Pole Building

Large Pole Barns

Example Size: 60' x 104' x 16'

Large pole barns are generally used for large-scale hay and machinery storage for bigger farms, and are perfect for high-volume livestock housing.

Starting price includes: (2) 12×16 split sliding doors, (1) man door, wainscot

Example Pricing:

Starting at:
$82,000 - $87,000 (materials & installation)

Subject to change at any time. Some options not available to all locations.

More Examples of Large Pole Buildings
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Monitor Style Pole Barn

56' x 64' x 18'
Monitor Style
Gray & Charcoal

Hay Storage Pole Barn

70' x 152' x 16'
Hay Storage
Bright Red & White

Machinery & Livestock Pole Barn

80' x 80' x 16'
Machinery & Livestock
White & Charcoal

Equipment Storage Pole Barn

80' x 104' x 14'
Equipment Storage
Red & Tan

Expert Guidance & Local Installation

A quality post frame structure from Pole Barns Direct is within reach! Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from your initial quote and getting your custom design just right, to completing the construction of your dream pole barn.

If you’re in our service area, our team will even install your pole barn to streamline the process and ensure a quality and durable final structure.

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Sizing Options & Pricing Estimates

Whether you’re looking to put up a small building to store your vehicle or equipment, or you need a large barn for machinery or livestock housing, Pole Barns Direct offers custom structures at every size, designed with a variety of features to meet your specific needs.

While each of our barns are custom, you can get an idea of some of the available options, features, and pricing estimates for various sizes of pole barns in the sections on this page.

Prices posted on this website are approximate base pricing and subject to change at any time. Some options are not available to all locations.

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