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Interior Options

Looking to finish the interior of your pole building?
Pole Barns Direct offers several options for you to consider:

Metal Liner Panel

  • Metal panels installed on walls and/or ceiling (similar to exterior siding panels)
  • Typically white, but other colors are available


  • Metal is already finished – no additional sanding or painting required
  • Can be brushed or lightly sprayed off with water to clean
  • Durable
  • Reflects light for brighter work space


  • Not as easy to hang cabinets, etc.
  • Noise reduction may be needed for shop-type environments with loud machinery/tools (Perforated ceiling liner can help with noise)
  • The metal ribs every 9” limit where outlets and light switches can be installed

Garage interior with metal paneling

Metal wall and ceiling liner in white

Garage interior

Garage finished with wall and ceiling liner

Office interior finished with metal liner panel

Wall and ceiling liner in light gray

Ceiling access panel

Access panel in metal ceiling

Perforated metal ceiling liner

Perforated ceiling panels can help reduce noise

Outlets in metal wall liner

Outlets must be placed between the ribs in metal wall liner

OSB or Wood Paneling

  • Typically installed on walls only, with metal liner panel on ceiling (or another ceiling finish can be used)


  • Can be painted or stained the color of your choice
  • Easy to hang cabinets, hooks, etc. on walls to maximize storage
  • Flat surface allows outlets and switches to be installed almost anywhere
  • Provides some sound absorption for loud environments (more than metal)


  • Needs painted/stained after installation
  • Not water tolerant
  • Not as easily cleaned
  • Not as durable as metal

Metal ceiling with OSB on walls

Metal liner panel ceiling, OSB on walls

Interior of garage

Garage finished with metal ceiling, painted OSB walls

Garage interior

Garage finished with metal ceiling, painted OSB walls

Garage interior

OSB walls with cabinets installed

Cabinets in garage

OSB walls with cabinets installed

Wood paneling in garage

Garage finished with wood paneling on ceiling and walls


  • Pole Barns Direct typically installs batt insulation in walls (R-19) and blown-in insulation in ceilings (R-30 or R-38).
  • These types of insulation require wall and ceiling covering.
  • There are other options for pole building insulation out there. If you choose to work with a different contractor for your insulation, be sure to let your Pole Barns Direct designer know what you’re considering – this can affect how your pole building needs to be constructed.
Garage insulation

Interior framing and wall insulation

Garage insulation

R-19 batt insulation in garage wall

Other Finishes

You can also combine more than one type of finish on the interior of your pole building. For example, you can install metal on the bottom portion of walls (similar to a wainscot look), then OSB at the top for hanging cabinets, etc.

Other finish options may be available – ask one of our pole building specialists to learn more.

Job Opportunities with Pole Barns Direct

Are you a construction company looking for additional opportunities? As a growing company, Pole Barns Direct is always looking for qualified crews to construct our building kits. If interested, please contact Adam Mitchell to learn more:

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