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Pole Barns Direct FAQs

In both rural and residential communities, do-it-yourself construction of pole barn building kits is very common. Pole barn is often a generic term meant to describe a post-frame construction method that is often a pre-fab engineered building kit. This allows for the fast and affordable construction of building projects such as barns, equine barns, storage buildings, and garages.

Pole barn kits are an attractive option because with any pre-engineered building kit, the construction of the building is faster and it is cheap and affordable while still maintaining quality construction.

How to order from Pole Barns Direct

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General Questions

Does Pole Barns Direct service my location?

Pole Barns Direct can offer building kits for sale in the following 22 states: Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Wisconsin. We also offer construction of your pole barn package in most of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Northern West Virginia.

Does Pole Barns Direct offer financing?

Pole Barns Direct does not offer financing, but can refer your to a reputable financial institution that we regularly deal with.

Do I need permits to construct a pole barn?

Usually when building any structure, you are required to obtain a zoning and building permit. Some municipalities do not require a building permit. We always recommend that you check with your local building department to find out what is required.

How long does it take to deliver materials?

Material is usually delivered within 4-6 weeks from the time you order, depending on the time of year and volume of orders.

Pole Barn Construction Options

What is the widest truss I can get?

Currently, the widest truss that we can clear span is 80' wide. The only limitation on building length is the space you have available to build on.

What is the smallest building you sell?

Currently, the smallest building we offer is a 24' x 24' x 8'.

Can I buy an addition to my existing barn?

Yes, we can install an addition on the gable end of a your existing building. We currently do not offer additions on the eave sides of the building.

Do you offer vinyl siding or shingle roofing?

Currently, Pole Barns Direct does not install vinyl siding or shingle roofing but we can do the prep work for it if you want one of our buildings without steel roofing or siding.

Do you offer skylights that I can put in my roof?

We currently do not offer traditional skylights, however, we do offer Clear Panel. Clear Panel is designed to perfectly match the profile of our metal roofing & siding and can be used in many ways to let extra natural light into your building.

How long does it take to have you build my building?

Typically our labor crews run anywhere from 4-8 weeks from the time you order to the beginning of construction, depending on the time of year. Once the crew has started your building it can take as little as 2 days to complete your project, depending on the complexity of your building.

Pole Barn Site Preparation

Is job site preparation included in my quote?

Because each job site has very different needs, we do not offer site work. The owner is responsible for providing a level building pad for construction. A local excavation company would be better suited to take care of all grading and site prep work.

Can you build on my existing slab?

We can build on your existing concrete slab, but there may be extra unforeseen costs incurred if we run into issues with the existing slab during the construction process.

Will Pole Barns Direct come check out my site?

Yes, depending on your location. An on-site pre-construction meeting is included with every construction package, and other site meetings may be scheduled as needed.

Will I need to unload materials from the truck?

No, our trucks are outfitted with AWD Moffett forklifts to unload and stage all material at the jobsite.

Job Opportunities with Pole Barns Direct

Are you a construction company looking for additional opportunities? As a growing company, Pole Barns Direct is always looking for qualified crews to construct our building kits. If interested, please contact Adam Mitchell to learn more:

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