Small Garage

Building Type

Garage & Storage

Building Size

22 ' wide x 32' long x 10' tall


Standard Features

  • 29-gauge steel siding and roofing with lifetime paint
  • Trusses spaced 4′ on center, posts spaced 8′ on center
  • Gable end posts continuous to the roofline
  • Vapor barrier under roof metal
  • Vented ridge and soffit

Custom Features

  • 14′ x 8′ insulated CHI garage door with Stockton windows
  • 45-degree clipped corners on garage door openings
  • 9-lite man door
  • 3′ x 4′ single hung windows with grids between the glass
  • Color-matched seamless aluminum gutters & downspouts
  • Bird-box soffit returns on the gable ends
  • Spread-web trusses for added light storage
  • Interior insulation in walls and ceiling
  • Housewrap vapor barrier under wall metal
  • Bright white metal ceiling liner with access panel
  • OSB wall covering