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Welcome to Pole Barns Direct!

Pole barns direct is the leader in wholesale distribution of pole barn kits. All of the products we sell are shipped DIRECT from the manufacturer to you. Pole Barns have become very popular because they are simple to build and go up in about half the time of conventional methods. Your pole barn will last a lifetime and be virtually maintenance free. Whether you are looking for a garage, horse arena, storage unit, warehouse facility, cattle barn or a place to store that tractor or combine a pole barn from pole barns direct can accommodate all these needs. Many of our customers have found countless uses for their pole barn.

Why a Pole Barn?

Pole barn construction or (post frame) is much more affordable than conventional construction methods. With a pole barn you do not have the high cost of a continuous foundation. Instead poles are placed firmly in the ground every 8’ on a concrete footer. Compare a pole barn to a steel building and you will find the savings significant. A pole barn can usually be built in half the time than a conventional building or steel building. You will also save yourself money on labor costs by constructing the pole barn yourself.

Efficient: At pole barns direct we keep it simple. We offer standard pole barns with many upgrade options. All of our kits are designed with our customers in mind. We use cost effective methods without cutting corners. Our pole barn kits include everything you need to successfully complete your project. From the concrete footer to the lockset on the walk door to the last screw you install on the roof, are kits are complete with every component you need. Every pole barn kit we sell comes with in depth diagrams, post layout, and a how to DVD to help you construct your pole barn.

Quality Materials: Pole Barns Direct uses only the highest quality materials. All lumber used in our kits is #2 and better. Our pre-engineered roof trusses are manufactured right at our own facility using high quality MSR lumber. All of our metal roofing and siding carries a minimum of a 10 year warranty with the option to upgrade to a 40 year warranty warranty. Right down to the powder coated color matched roofing and siding screws all our standard components are of the highest quality.

Why Pole Barns Direct?

If you could drive to Detroit and visit a Ford or GM manufacturing plant, stand at the end of the assembly line and purchase whatever vehicle they manufacture, would you? Or would you go to your local dealer look over the inventory available to you, and purchase a car paying 15% more than what you would have paid at the factory. The answer is obvious, we would all go to the factory and buy direct from the manufacturer. This is the exact same concept pole barns direct has established. Pole barns direct can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the large home store or lumberyard, simply by selling direct to you.

Our Recently Constructed Pole Barns

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Proud Members of the NFBA - Click to Visit their Website

Proud Members of the NFBA – Click to Visit their Website

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A reputable business backed by the BBB – Click to view our Profile