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Here at Pole Barns Direct, we include only the best materials in our pole building kits. Our lumber is all #2 grade or better (SPF), and the load-bearing components are all southern yellow pine (SYP), a wood widely recognized in the building industry as one of the strongest, most versatile species. Its superior load-bearing capacity and fastener-holding ability make it ideal for pole barn construction.

The beam in your post frame building is a crucial component, which is why we use #1 SYP for this part of the framing. Because it’s carrying the entire load of the roof, we use a higher grade of wood to ensure the beam is as strong and straight as possible.

Lumber, high quality, quality, knots, wain, #1, #2



Our pole barn kits also include treated SYP posts, sized according to the height of the building. Our standard posts are 6×6, but we also offer 3-ply and 4-ply laminated posts.

lumber, high quality, #1, #2, wain, knots, purlins
lumber, high quality, #1, #2, wain, knots, purlins

Our treated lumber is CCA .60 treated. This treatment preserves the life of the lumber from decay, rot and insect damage. If the pole barn has adequate drainage around the post foundation it will last a lifetime.






Job Opportunities with Pole Barns Direct

Are you a construction company looking for additional opportunities? As a growing company, Pole Barns Direct is always looking for qualified crews to construct our building kits. If interested, please contact Adam Mitchell to learn more:

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