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How to choose the perfect color scheme for your pole building

October 30, 2019 | Jennifer Bryan

When it comes to options for your post frame building, choosing colors is usually pretty high on the list of important choices. The roofing and siding colors you pick can change the whole look of your building. And let’s face it, if you’re going to be looking at that barn or garage for years to come, you want something you’ll still like in 5, 10, or 40 years. Here’s a few tips to help guide your decision:

brown pole building garage

1. Decide how many colors you want to use.

Traditionally, pole barns are done in two colors – one for the walls, with a second color for the roof. The trims and wainscot (if used), usually match the roof. However, you can also do a mono-colored building with the walls, roof and trims all done in the same color. Another option is to do three colors on your building, using a different hue for the roof, walls and trim.

2. Think about your personal taste.

Obviously, you know which colors you’re partial to and which ones you hate. Do you gravitate toward darker, bolder colors? You might consider red, green, black or blue as your main color. Or maybe you prefer a neutral, classic look, like white or gray. Your building is ultimately a reflection of your personal taste, so you’ll want it to make the right statement.

pole building garage

3. Consider your building’s use and location.

Certain types of buildings can lend themselves to certain colors. For example, agricultural barns are traditionally a combination of red and white, while residential garages are more likely to be tans or grays. But don’t feel locked into any stereotypes either – the color combinations are only limited by your imagination. Also think about the location of your building. Are there other buildings in close proximity that you’ll want to match? Do you want the building to coordinate with your house? Will your building be tucked back in the woods or perched beside a busy road? Do you want your building to blend in with its surroundings or stand out and draw attention? All these considerations can help you determine what color scheme will be just right for your pole barn.

Need some visual inspiration? Check out our pole barn gallery for over 100 photos of different buildings we’ve done, in a wide variety of color combinations. Or contact our expert team for advice and to see some actual color samples.


Myth Buster #1 – “White is cheaper than other colors.” Not true, at least at Pole Barns Direct. Our colors are all the same price, with the exception of Gallery Blue, which is just slightly more expensive than the others.

Myth Buster #2 – “A dark roof color will make my building hotter.” Again, not true. The single bubble vapor barrier that Pole Barns Direct installs under your roof metal has a foil backing that helps reflect the heat back out of your roof and maintains a more consistent interior temperature, no matter what color roof metal you choose.

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