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Pole Barn Wainscot

Much like the wainscot often used on interior walls in houses, wainscot on your pole building can be used to create a two-toned sidewall on your post frame building, adding to your building’s visual appeal.

Typically, the bottom 3’ of the sidewall metal will match your roof color, but other options and heights are available.

Wainscot isn’t just for looks either. Especially on pole buildings with a tall sidewall or ones located in high traffic areas, wainscot can be a smart investment. The bottom part of the metal is often the most likely to be damaged, and it is easier and cheaper to replace a 3’ piece of metal rather than a 14’ or 16’ piece.

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Wainscot Customizations

Want to use wainscot in a different way other than having 3′ of your roof color on the bottom of your sidewall? No problem! Wainscot can also be used to match trims only as an accent color while having roof and walls match and can also be as tall as you would like it to be!

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