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Pole Barn Metal Roofing and Siding

At Pole Barns Direct we use only the best pole barn metal roofing and siding available. Our Century Line kit metal comes standard with a 40 year warranty and the Economy Line kit metal comes standard with a 10 year warranty. The Century Line pole barn kit has 22 different colors to choose from on our pole barn roofing and siding. The Economy Line pole barn kit has 8 colors available to choose from. See our colors page for more information on metal colors. We also supply all the metal trims, and accessories to complete your DIY pole barn kit.The fasteners used for the pole barn roofing and siding are color matched powder coated screws. These screws are self tapping through the metal, and also have a neoprene washer to correctly seal to the metal.

For either new or replacement building projects, when it comes to metal roofing and siding Pole Barns Direct has everything you need. We mean everything.

We carry a full line of 40 YR warranty metal. We also have a G-10 year warranty. This line of metal is very popular for lining the inside of your DIY pole building. There are many manufacturers of metal roofing and siding, some have warranties and some do not. Be sure the metal you are purchasing comes from a reputable company. Our Metal roofing and siding is manufactured by GPB. They have been in business for 42 years, a lot longer than most of their competition. Many metal manufacturers will tell you that their metal has a lifetime warranty and you will later find out it isn’t true the hard way.

There are two different profiles we carry: G-Rib (standard profile) and R-Rib (commercial profile)

The G-rib is the most commonly used profile and comes standard in our DIY building kits. It is available in both 26 and 29 gauges. The R-rib is used mostly in commercial building applications; this line is only available in 26 gauge. All of our metal is available in 22 different colors.

Download our G-Rib/R-Rib Metal Panel Information Sheet




Pole barns direct carries every kind of trim needed to complete your project. If we do not have it we can make it. When your trims arrive at your site they are shrink wrapped nicely to avoid unnecessary damage during shipping.

Download our G-Rib Trim Information Sheet


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Pole Barns Direct always strives to bring quality materials at competitive prices to our customers. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to grow our business and satisfy our customers. Pole Barns Direct is a company founded on honesty, integrity and strong principles.

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